What Colours Your 2014?

The rapidity of reproduction means that what we see on the fashion catwalks takes little time to filter into the home, generally starting with accessories and accent pieces before transitioning to larger-scale, higher investment items. But the use of colour is important to observe. While each colour body and/or manufacturer has at least one dominant neutral colour scheme within their 2014 trend palettes, colour definitely comes into play.

Martin Tustin-Fuchs, brand manager for Dulux paint, explains that with the 2014 palette, “we’ll see novel shades and unexpected combinations of colours in the year ahead in all areas of home decor – reds are more tangy, oranges are more expressive, greens are more jeweled, and blues are more tropical.”

Indeed, there has already been a shift to deeper, richer tones throughout fall 2013. Colours remain bright, bold and playful, which is a continuation – and furtherance – of current trends. Darker shades of gray are again (or still) being universally dubbed “the new black,” and gray undertones persist in influencing many of the most appealing shades, earthy hues and neutrals among them.

But 2014 also draws attention toward blues, purples and pinks. A few could be branded “pastels,” but more often than not, the tones are lively and bold. Consider some of the following descriptions from the Pantone View home and interiors 2014 trend palettes:

  • a melding of both vibrant and deep hues… intertwined in intriguingly inventive colour combinations
  • colours of power and energy counter-balanced by the… hues that express the necessity for introspection and calm
  • both svelte and voluptuous… attention to detail and the drama of high fashion… can be theatrical in nature
  • a sense of adventure, wit, experimentation and discovery… “tongue in cheek” in attitude and highly original in colour juxtapositioning and cleverly conceived in evocative combinations
  • a symphony of elevated and voluptuous color to… evoke an atmosphere full of vivid richness and blissful excess

Reds will deviate from the berry tones of recent years toward more energetic reds with orange undertones. Pair these emboldened hues with rich jewel tones, elegant darks, warm browns, spicy oranges or other bright hues.

Oranges move away from the more citrus-like tones of late to a more spicy, earthy palette. Though these new orange hues lack the pink undertones of prior seasons, they look fantastic with pastel pinks and grays, or can be tempered with more complementary dark blues and turquoise.

Yellows have returned in a big way with a resurgence in gold and brass tones. While just about anything will go, look for a greater dominance among softer, more delicate yellows, such as PPG’s 2014 colour of the year, Turning Oakleaf.

Greens made a strong comeback in 2013 with the strength of emerald and other jewel tones. With the prevalence of blues and grays, it should come as no surprise that greens will lean more toward the blue spectrum, embracing hybrids like teal. Watery palettes, combining multiples shades of greens and blues, will no doubt be a favorite. Based on early trend palettes for 2015, expect to see more green, both directly and as undertones for prominent blues and yellows as 2014 draws to a close.

Blues will favor the ocean, from tropical paradise to deepest sea. With all the agates and high-sheen finishes seen at High Point, expect blue to sparkle.

Violets are moving along two distinct pathways, as is evidenced by Pantone’s Radiant Orchid versus Sherwin-Williams’ Exclusive Plum. The red-purples are more daring and thought provoking, while the blue-purples are much softer, bringing with them a certain tranquility.

For those with a less vivid approach to colour, boldness and vibrancy are counter-balanced by sophistication and simple elegance. In cases such as this, colours are unassuming and are harmonized rather than fighting for centre stage.

There is more subtlety in the transition between tones within a particular scheme, presenting a more classic, timeless feel. Keep in mind that “timeless” does not necessarily equate to an abundance of typical neutral tones. There is plenty of room for experimentation; use it!

How to Find the Best Men’s Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are not only for bride-to-be’s anymore as the world is constantly changing and you don’t need to be permanently stuck to the stereotype ideas that girls are the only ones who have the right to have engagement rings.

Marriage proposal is a man’s work but the world is in modern era where girls and boys have an equal right. It is a very trivial thing for men to do but women, proposing to their partners are another thing. Engagement rings are a sign of committing oneself to another. Even though it is not in the common tradition, modern men also want to have their own engagement rings that symbolize the love of women to their fiancé. Men’s engagement rings can vary from different colors and can be decorated with gold, silver or any design that will suit their taste.

Giving a man his own engagement ring is a new developing trend. It is no longer a ladies’ affair to have a pre-wedding decoration. Men also want to have something that will give people an idea that they are soon to be getting married. It is not the way, people generally do it but men’s engagement rings will make it more appropriate for both parties if they have engagement rings to show that they are committed to each other for the rest of their lives. Some men may think that receiving an engagement ring is very gay and their inner alpha machismo may run amok but having engagement ring is only a sign that a couple expresses their commitment prior to their wedding.

In modern times, announcing an engagement is often done publically but engagement parties vary from culture to culture. Others think of another way on how to propose to make their engagement an unforgettable experience and to make it unique as much as possible.

Here are Some Examples of Engagement Rings Suited for Men’s Taste
” Estate rings – vintage jewelry and antiques gemstones rings that embrace the old-fashion in a new and modern way.
” Nature-inspired rings – Rings that features nature-inspired design and made out of natural wood. This rings is eco-friendly and handmade so, it will definitely suit man’s masculinity.
” Novelty rings – inexpensive rings that can serve as a makeshift engagement rings until you exchange a real wedding rings. You can choose something that are based from their interest and hobbies.

You can also choose industrial rings that are made out of stainless steel, tungsten and titanium. It will make a great men’s engagement rings. Industrial bands are sleek and modern that will suit man’s taste and it is less expensive than gemstone rings.

The idea of giving an engagement ring to a guy has become a phenomenon. Others might think that it is only suitable for gay marriage but it is a sign that the boundaries between sexes are getting blur. Getting a “Yes” for men is never been easy and it will only be fair if women do the same.

The Year’s Latest Sexy Lingerie Styles

There is something wondrously alluring about wearing a brand new set of beautiful lingerie. Whether it is the fact that no one is aware you have got something so sexy on underneath your outfit. Maybe it’s because it gives you an inner confidence to the be the woman you always aspire to be, whatever the reason purchasing beautiful lingerie is a feel good moment. Therefore, brand-new from the intimate apparel catwalks of London, I’ve honed in on the key trends in luxury and designer lingerie that you need to know about, to make sure your lingerie wardrobe remains as sexy as our girlfriends in Europe. So eliminate those ‘old woman’ panties, toss out your dull grays and make space for these fashionable styles.

Underwear as Outerwear

Boasting body and a touch of bra isn’t a new craze for the A-List. Ladies’ designs are in the thick of revisiting all things early 1990s, from grunge, think  Dries Van Noten’s jewelled cotton shirts, Junya Watanabe’s denims plus Vivienne Westwood’s craftily frayed knits to the all-conquering platform trainers, think Giuseppe Zanotti, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin. So it’s not much of a shock that the ‘underwear as-outerwear’ trend is back in vogue. This time around though, it’s not so much what you see, more what you don’t.

The Layered Bra

Bras with lace overlays decorating the straps, as well as cup area, were another key trend we noticed from the collections in Paris. These elegant bras are probably one of my most loved trends.

Polka Dots

Polka dots print is a favourite of the runway shows from the past few seasons, showing absolutely no sign of falling out of favour.

The Triangle Bra

A step up in style from the more supportive, fuller cup forms has seen a celebration of the triangle formed bra in 2014.

Bridal Lingerie

A lot of would-be brides place support towards the top of their menu of needs when looking for the luxury designer bridal lingerie for their big day. For that reason, it is not surprising that your classic wedding corset is still a popular option. A properly chosen and fitted corset can provide excellent support for any breast, and not forgetting the terrific slimming impact to the waist!

We notice a lot of the up-to-date collections of wedding dresses from top designers are open neck. Sweetheart fronts or open low back designs, as gorgeous as they are, can begin to pose issues when it comes to suitable lingerie. Instantly you ought to be looking at a strapless wedding corset or even a low back wedding corset, to make sure your lingerie line remains out of view.

Your wedding lingerie must be the unsung heroine of one’s day, it has to provide you with all of the comfort and give you support need and yet stay hidden.

2014 Fashion Trends: Do The Biggest Trends Of 2004 Still Hold Up?

Here, we’re going to explore those trends. Or more specifically, ten trends that defined 2004, and whether or not we should burn our photos or our clothes or our memories, if at all possible.
In the words of Paris herself, “That’s hot.” (Like, this article.)

1. What: Von Dutch

The story: Thanks to the likes of Paris, Nicole Richie, and Ashton Kutcher, trucker hats – specifically of the Von Dutch variety – were ushered into the mid-2000s for reasons no one can really understand. However, we must try. Was it the overt logos? (Let us remember it was around the same time Louis Vuitton bags became a status symbol.) Was it the bright colours? (Maybe? We were teens, and still associated “fun” with “a bright pink trucker hat.”) Was it because famous people were doing it? (Absolutely.) So we must learn from our mistakes.

Do they still hold up: No. No they don’t. But in 15 years they will when they’re old enough to be hot commodities at thrift sores.

2. What: Ruffled Mini-Skirts

The story: Part of the uneven, cotton, flow-y skirt movement, the mini versions presented themselves in time for spring – when you could pair them with polo shirts, skate shoes, or yes: Ugg boots (or knee-high if you are Paris Hilton, of course); a good look for Easter dinner (we told ourselves in one, en route to Easter dinner 2004).
Do they still hold up: Technically? There are still ruffled mini skirts that exist. In the case of them existing, absolutely they hold up. Can you find one now? Yes, you can. Should you buy and wear it? With an oversize sweater from a thrift store, only.

3. What: Polo Shirts

The story: And as if it were 1991, polo shirts returned with a vengeance. But not just any polo shirts: fitted, “preppy” styles that would pass the “Laguna Beach” dress code. Soon, the likes of Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister, and Aeropostale were stocking up on striped, patterned, and logo versions – only to slowly establish the uniform for frats indefinitely.

Do they still hold up: First, everything will always hold up if you can make it your own. That’s what style is. But are you going to find under-sized styles piled in the above-mentioned stores? Only Abercrombie – but be careful, because you have to be very cool to shop there.

4. What: Uggs

The story: Once upon a time, a unisex boot made from sheepskin and used in Australian surf culture descended on our fair continent and was used in the opposite way: against snow and ice, when they offered no actual protection from those things. And then they were used as an everyday shoe. And then they were used in conjunction with mini skirts, and the rest is our species’ legacy.

Do they still hold up: They are still everywhere, absolutely. And that’s what we get for wearing them, and defending them, so this is our karma. Forever. (Please stop wearing them for your own safety – at least in the winter to prevent falling on ice.)

5. What: Graphic T-Shirts

The story: Graphic t-shirts have always existed, but there was a boom in the mid-2000s thanks to (yes, again!) Ms. Paris Hilton who, now that we’re talking about it, really did set a fashion precedent. And was that really so wrong? (Not really. And before you answer or argue, think about how Kim Kardashian’s setting the precedent in 2014.)

Do they still hold up: Absolutely. Are you kidding? Only now they’re cropped, made of sweatshirt, and have pizza on them. What a wonderful time to be alive.

6. What: Velour/Track Suits

The story: Today, workout and leisure gear look almost futuristic or at least fit kind of reasonably. But then? Enter: the velour zip-ups, pants, and matching suits that returned from the ’70s for no reason other than to confuse our parents. Especially since these leisure suits were absolutely not being worn for workout purposes.
Do they still hold up: Every spring, we usher in a new era of sports or sports-influenced styles, so yes, this trend is immortal. But as for the velour? Your best bet is to head to L.A. – or at least the costume department from “The Bling Ring.” (Though bonus marks if it’s really velour from the ’70s, and in that case, please let us borrow it.)

7. What: Layering

The story: No, no – not layering like “a shirt with a sweater worn over top.” We mean layering for purposes only to not wear a see-through shirt. “Over top” like wearing a long tank top with lace at the bottom you then wear underneath a v-neck Henley that’s also long, but not so long as to cover the lace. And if you ever were to wear these separately, everybody would see your bra. And you know exactly what we’re talking about because we all lived it.

Does it still hold up: No. [Cue: choirs of angels singing.] We mean, layering does, but not like this. Not like this.

8. What: Dressy Capri Pants

The story: Is there any way we can describe this better? Probably not, but we’ll try: think dress pants, but worn at capri length, then worn with tall boots or heels, depending on the season. Basically, pretend they are pants. But short. Short pants. But dressy. Dressy short pants.

Do they still hold up: There’s a difference between cigarette pants (ankle length) and dressy capri pants, and one of the biggest is that we don’t see dressy capri pants around much anymore. And for good reason — we were all better than this.

9. What: Pointed Toe Heels

The story: 99% of the shoes on “Sex and the City” (which ended in 2004) are a perfect example of the shoe movement of the early-to-mid 2000s. However, high heels and overly pointed toes eventually evolved into a rounded style, then more retro – like the dress shoes of the ’50s and ’60s. But this isn’t about those decades – this is about Kirsten Dunst’s shoes from ten years ago.

Do they still hold up: Not so much. Pointed toe pumps will obviously never fade away, but the points so long they could’ve reached from your workplace to your home have somehow disappeared. (Or have they? Points that big don’t really go anywhere.)

10. What: “Boho” Chic

The story: “Boho” is strange because it’s arguably a movement, but in 2004 (and thanks to the likes of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen), flowy, loose fitting, drop-waists, oversize belts, and slouchy boots became more than a feeling. Think oversize tank top and short denim skirt. (Or: think your favourite outfit in the mid-2000s.)

Does it still hold up: Like “preppy” or “rockabilly,” “boho” can’t ever be “out” – but the industry’s capitalization on it can be. Ultimately, anyone who wants to be “boho” can be “boho” – you might just not be able to find pieces easily at the mall. (At least 2004 styles: there’s always room for “boho” in the lexicon.)

Fashion Trends in 2013

It is just couple of days left when we will be celebrating the New Year. While we are preparing to welcome the New Year, there are few things of year 2013 that we love to carry in the upcoming year. It was a memorable year for fashion and style. We have seen an array of trends. From bright emerald to monochromes, pastels to neon, we had so much to experiment with. The pop of colors in outfits, accessories and jewelry created a lasting impression. To ice the cake, the designs and patterns added a plethora of style, fashionistas enjoyed the entire year. Not to forget, our favorite celebrities contributed a lot to this.

Let’s look at the most popular trends of 2013, talk about the most inspiring celebrities and what will continue in the year 2014.

Color Magic:

Emerald was announced the color of year 2013. And the color lived up to the expectations with its lively, radiant and lush hues that exude elegance and beauty. From runways to red carpet and royal roads, emerald was prominently used everywhere. While the color captured much of the attention, another prominent color combination that received high five was black and white combo. Very retro and glamorous, monochrome was in great demand throughout the year.

However, pastel shades of pink, purple, yellow and green were also admired in clothing and jewelry, neon orange and pink were seen a lot in accessories.

Patterns and Textures:

Chevron, large plaids, herringbone, stripes, polka dots, mosaic prints and floral designs are the prominent patterns of the year. From home décor to designer dresses, handbags, footwear and jewelry, these patterns were everywhere. And they are likely to stay in year 2014.

Sequin, ruffles, faux fur, embroidery and lace work are most admirable and desired textures for designer dresses. Geometric patterns in jewelry and dresses were also a followed trend that will continue in the upcoming year.


Long gowns with high slits, cutouts and a lot of intricate weaving were popular this year. You must have seen a lot of embroidery and fine lace work on ball gowns! Black and ivory were the colors for dresses on red carpet. Geometric cutouts, lace detailing, peek-a-boo dresses, sequin embellishments were in trend throughout the year.

Jumpsuits, ruffle skirts, pencil skirts with loose blouse, peplum dresses and mermaid gowns with short and long train were seen everywhere in year 2013.


Diamond with sapphire, emerald and ruby ruled this year. Vintage jewelry was the charm and retro designs mixed with modern looks were another hit style in jewelry. Celebrities were seen flaunting colored stones like amethyst, black onyx, opal, colored diamonds and diposide.

Jewelry styles like bib necklaces, gold cuffs, tassels, bold rings, snake jewelry, chokers, minimal pendants and statement hair accessories were some hot trends of the year.

Inspiring Celebrities:

It is hard to pick the most inspiring celebrity. There were many divas that were considered as the icon of fashion and glamor. From dresses and jewelry to makeup and hair do, different celebrities took the center stage for different reasons.

Out of the endless list, few fashion inspiring celebrities that were in lime light for their amazing and elegant style senses were Kate Middleton, Sandra Bullock, Dian Kruger, Jennifer Lawrence and Miranda Kerr.

Personally, we love Kate Middleton and her versatile style. She is a people’s princess. We love the royal for her thrifty style senses. It is now a common practice to see the duchess repeating her dresses often. But to mention, her style sense is so powerful and amazing that the recycled dress still manage to create a unique and lasting impact. Alike dresses, she often repeat her jewelry, handbags and footwear. She flaunts everything with all grace and elegance.

Additionally, her pregnancy and birth of her first child Prince George along with the recent hacking trail and announcement for the royal tour to Australia and New Zealand were few other reasons of her being in the news for all the year.

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