Messi Becomes Barca’s Highest Paid Player

Barca’s president, Joan Laporta, was thrilled to make the deal official, “Leo should be the highest paid player in the squad. He deserves it. He’s the best player in the world and one of the best in football history. He’s content and that’s why he’s playing the way he is”. Leo joined Barca as a youth team player back in 2001 during which he won a host of trophies. He also played a leading role in the club’s recent unprecedented title treble – the Primera Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League. Scoring 38 goals in the three competitions, and helping with 16 assists, Messi is now a popular choice to succeed Cristiano Ronaldo as FIFA World Player of the Year this December.

The striker’s contract with Barca was to expire in 2014, but he signed a new one that keeps him with the club until 2016, which will probably be the best years in his career. Ending all speculation, Leo claimed, “I want to spend all my career here, in Barcelona, if it’s possible. I would love to finish at Barcelona. This contract is a result of everything that happened last year and of what I have done since coming into the first team. I am simply one more person in this spectacular group of players, where there is a team that is very nice, very united and in which I am simply part of continuing to win things”. According to the new deal, Messi’s release clause increases from 150million Euros to 250million Euros.

Laporta declared, “This is the best news Barca can receive today. It is important to have a player with his human qualities and his football ability. This deal recognizes all that he gives to Barcelona. It is impossible to imagine the team without a player like Messi. We expect Leo to retire here with Barca.” This announcement was expected for some time now and coach Pep Guardiola joined in to express his delight, “It’s an immense piece of news for the club and for the player that Messi is renewing his contract, as it also was when Victor Valdes and Xavi did so. People go to football to see the best and that’s what they are. It’s a privilege for Barca to have some of the best footballers like Messi.”

Next on the club president’s list is captain Carles Puyol, whose services he also hopes to retain at Camp Nou. There have been rumors that the captain is not too happy ever since Barca acquired Ukrainian defender, Dmytro Chygrynskiy. Laporta asserted, “I am convinced that Puyol is keen to end his career at Barca. But I also understand that a player of his age examines the possibility of having an experience outside of Spain.” Let’s see how the cookie crumbles over the next couple of months.

Become A Futurist Real Estate Investor For 2014 – Trends, The ‘W’, and The 3P’s

Never heard of them? To be a futurist, every real estate investor has to juggle them (the W and 3 P’s) very carefully. The 3 P’s refer to the three futures of your investment. These include:
1. The most probable future;
2. The most preferable future; and
3. The most possible future of your investment.

The ‘W’ is the circumstantial “Wild Card” that fate has to throw in to test your metal and hence is dependent on your risk mitigation strategies.

What Are We Dealing With?
In this post we will deal with aligning your “P’s” in light of the 2014’s emerging trends reports published by Colliers International, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Swanepoel. All of them are the leading organizations in developing and guiding business trends at home and abroad.

Our primary focus will be in understanding the way the four generations of our nation (X, Y, Baby Boomers, and War babies) are most likely to orient themselves given that 2014 has been claimed as the year that will “recover from the recovery”.

Dealing with Generation Y
In the upcoming 5 years, the country will expect a major shift in demography primarily because of a shift in preferences of Generation Y (comprised of people born between 1979 and 1995). Given that this generation was originally an urban and urbane generation, is the most multicultural, and transient generation that stands at a whooping 72 million Gen-Y-ers, and continues to grow with immigration, the surveys seem soundly committed to their rulings.

Keeping their surveyed preferences in mind will aid you in buying/selling your real estate with great margin for profit and capital inflow.

Gen-Y-Preference for City Living
Of all the generations, gen Y is the most likely to live in a medium-sized or big city, and to express the preference to live in a medium-sized or big city in five years. According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers’s report, currently 39% of the Gen-Y resides in medium sized or big cities while 40% of the remaining expects to move in to such cities over the next five years.

This is in stark comparison to:
1. Gen-X which is at current/5-years 30/23%;
2. The baby boomers are at 22% current and low 14% for the next 5 years;
3. Whereas the War Babies (Silent Gen) are at 22% current and 25% future.

Who are currently residing in medium-sized or big city. For gen y that’s 39$ whereas the Genx remains at 30% followed by baby boomers at 30 and war babies at 22

Furthermore, a personalized interview survey of 347 individuals found that 14% of Gen-Yers claiming:
1. they live in or near downtown;
2. 34 percent said they live in a city neighborhood outside of downtown;
3. 13 percent said they live in a dense, older suburb.

These amounts to a significant 61 percent of gen Y now living in urban environments!

Gen-Y -Preference for Development
When asked about the importance of specific community features, Gen Yers ranked the following characteristics highly:
1. A short distance to work and school at 82%
2. Walk ability 76%
3. Proximity to shopping and entertainment 71%; and
4. Convenience of public transportation at 57%.

Gen-Y Is On the Move -Are You?
About 38 percent of the Gen Yers expect to end up in an apartment or a duplex, a townhouse, or a row house in the next 5 years. While out of the 49% living in single-family homes, 60% plan to move to another single-family home.

Your task hence is to invest in metropolitan areas that provide a range of a range of affordable, appealing, and high-quality options-not just for Gen- Y, but for other generations as well.

Best Wooden Toys for Spring / Summer 2014

Keeping your children busy and safe through the summer / spring holiday is of importance to us and to help you avoid unnecessary last minute rush especially if you are a busy parent, we took time out to create a list of beautiful wooden toys that are guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained and excited for as long as they wish.

There are many ways in which you can keep your children entertained during the holidays, its either you spend quality time playing with your children with their favourite toys or you do something else. But because this article is based on toys, we are going to limit ourselves to it.

There are three different types of toys, namely: soft toys, wooden toys and plastic toys. All of these toys are aimed at helping a child to develop in some way in their first year.

Many parents go the whole hug in getting the best for their children; however, there are things to be considered when thinking of which toys to get for your children.

Firstly, you want the toys to be educative and most importantly you want your children to learn vital skills and also have fun playing with the toys. Every toy is designed to be interactive so that the parents can play with their children with the toys, but not all toys are safe for the children without parental supervision. Our article is going to be strictly about wooden toys, why? you may ask.

Wooden toys have been around since the century and they are good investment for children. Out of all the three types of toys, traditional wooden toys remain high on many parental wish-lists. Due to the advantages and developmental benefits of wooden toys, many parents prefer to use them at home because they are often perceived to be safer, sturdier and long-lasting than their plastic equivalents. Wooden toys can last for many years and are often passed down from generation to generation which makes them great value for money. There are many fantastic skills that a child can learn from using these classic toys which they cannot learn by using electronic toys. For example, “shape sorter.” A child can develop a pre-reading and pre-writing skill by using a shape sorter. It helps a child to learn how to match the right shape to go through the right hole which is also known as “shape recognition”. It’s helping a child to recognise shape of letters and making words.

Toys made from wood never really go out of fashion; they are both unique and traditional. With so many online businesses launching new website and selling traditional wooden toys, it is no surprise that toys made from wood have refused to go out of fashion, they are here to stay.

We have therefore help in selecting from an array of wooden toys the under-listed items to ease your trouble in picking or making a choice for your children.

Wooden toys for summer / spring 2014

  • Picnic basket with metal dishes
  • tricycle
  • Noah’s ark
  • fishing game
  • Kitchen mobile
  • building blocks
  • Multi-storey garage

Top IT Trends for 2014

Each year we compose our Top IT Trends and reflect on how markedly our world changes through technology. From digital watches to putting a man on the moon, technology has changed the way we think of time and space. Often, the advances are at breathtaking speed but sometimes it takes years for a technological breakthrough to make its way into our lives. This year we are focusing on trends that will have a significant impact on how we see and interact with the world through technology.

Everything Cloud – We have been predicting a revolution in Cloud technology for years and this year is no different. From Infrastructure, Software, Platform, Hardware and Everything as a Service (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, HaaS and EaaS) there will be major investment in and growing migration for Cloud solutions. Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions will dominate the landscape for new and upgraded installations. Even when on-premise solutions are required many will find ways to use the economy and scalability of Cloud based services to create unique hybrids. More and more businesses will move their email and office applications to the Cloud. Products like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps will battle fiercely for market share.

Personal Electronic Device Security – IT professionals are obsessed with security and data backups. We see so many cases of cyber hacking that result in lost time and data that having a good backup is often the only way that we can combat these threats. Putting aside the threats from foreign governments and corporate espionage, the biggest menace to our personal data has been pesky hackers that want to steal our time and money. That changed this year as story after story of NSA spying unfolded. From intercepting of our personal data to tracking our movements through cellphones, people have been questioning whether anything we do is really private. To combat surveillance, we will see the development of more devices to block cellphone tracking and spirited discussions on the unintended consequence of losing the ability to find someone in an emergency using cell towers. Additionally, new encryption devices and techniques will offer ways to protect our personal data from any prying eyes.

USB Power for Laptops and more – One plug to power them all! If you liked it when cellphones were able to be charged using a standard USB cable and a AC wall adapter, you are going to love the new USB Power Delivery standard that will allow most any device to power up/charge up with USB. USB stands for universal serial bus and was developed to connect computer peripherals. With the advance of technology and reduction of power requirements, USB evolved into a multi-purpose cable with power. USB PD will deliver up to 100W from a standard plug to power all your compatible devices. Power receptacles with built-in USB charging ports will be commonplace until wireless power becomes commercially available.

Windows 8.2 Brings Back the Start Menu – This may not seem like a significant event, but we believe that adding back the Start Menu will make Windows 8 much more attractive to those upgrading from Windows XP. Although change is inevitable, it is sometimes is hard for the end-user and one very hard change was losing the Start Menu. If fact, many users have opted for Windows 7 which has a Start Menu over Windows 8. Power to the People prevailed in restoring the Start Menu. So if you are looking at a Windows XP upgrade, take a look at Windows 8. Learn your Windows Personality before you upgrade.

3D Printers – This is the next big thing for personal technology and will change our lives in ways that today seem unimaginable. 3D printers have been around since 1984 but mainly used for prototyping since they were so expensive. With the price dropping substantially, 3D printers will pay for themselves by providing household items, toys, clothing, shoes and all types of replacement parts. On demand manufacturing will revolutionize every industry from energy to transportation to health care. Already GE is using 3D printing for turbine parts and scientists have developed a 3D printer for stem cells. From horse shoes that will be made of lighter materials with a perfect fit to water filtration that makes salt water drinkable, the possibilities are endless. Here are some amazing examples.

Disclaimer: Like horoscopes, our predictions for the Top IT Trends of 2014 are general in nature and intended for fun and entertainment.

2009 External Hard Disk Market Analysis and Forecast

Removable Storage industry has a high-speed development with rapid spread of network, digital, entertainment-oriented. External hard disk has become the largest and greatest potential market of the blue ocean on the field of IT.

External hard disk has been well known by consumer through the rapid expansion and popularity in the past decade. It have grown to 12 million in 2008 from 4 million in 2005, the average sales are 1 million every month, in just four years, an increase is more than 300%, which is the fastest-growing Computer Peripherals products. HDD market is expected in 2009 will be maintained in 2008 average according to market forecast although affected by the global financial crisis 2008.

According to IDC market research reports, the whole market of HDD is around of 12 million in 2008, of which DIY assembly is still dominant or monopolistic position, about 75% market share. The original brand which represented as Lenovo, Seagate, Yi Jie, Patriot only take up 25%. Therefore, regardless of the trend of the future growth of it, or to the original DIY evolving process, all of this provides the conditions for rapid growth of the original hard drive.

2009 external hard disk market share analysis, based on industry, business, markets, industrial chain and other details of the four major areas, with the DIY to the original evolving process, and original brands (such as Lenovo, Yi Jie, Seagate) is approximately 35% (that is 350,000 monthly) in 2009, assembly is about 65% (that is 650,000 monthly), in which general assembly is about 20%.

The next five years (2010-2014), external hard disk market will maintain steady growth to about 2.5 million per month in 2014, the growth compared to the same period last year is about 250%, period-on-perion growth is more than 20%, and it will break the DIY monopoly and the excessive proportion of the historical situation in 2014, the original hdd will occupy about 60%, the assembly is only 40%.

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