2009 External Hard Disk Market Analysis and Forecast

Removable Storage industry has a high-speed development with rapid spread of network, digital, entertainment-oriented. External hard disk has become the largest and greatest potential market of the blue ocean on the field of IT.

External hard disk has been well known by consumer through the rapid expansion and popularity in the past decade. It have grown to 12 million in 2008 from 4 million in 2005, the average sales are 1 million every month, in just four years, an increase is more than 300%, which is the fastest-growing Computer Peripherals products. HDD market is expected in 2009 will be maintained in 2008 average according to market forecast although affected by the global financial crisis 2008.

According to IDC market research reports, the whole market of HDD is around of 12 million in 2008, of which DIY assembly is still dominant or monopolistic position, about 75% market share. The original brand which represented as Lenovo, Seagate, Yi Jie, Patriot only take up 25%. Therefore, regardless of the trend of the future growth of it, or to the original DIY evolving process, all of this provides the conditions for rapid growth of the original hard drive.

2009 external hard disk market share analysis, based on industry, business, markets, industrial chain and other details of the four major areas, with the DIY to the original evolving process, and original brands (such as Lenovo, Yi Jie, Seagate) is approximately 35% (that is 350,000 monthly) in 2009, assembly is about 65% (that is 650,000 monthly), in which general assembly is about 20%.

The next five years (2010-2014), external hard disk market will maintain steady growth to about 2.5 million per month in 2014, the growth compared to the same period last year is about 250%, period-on-perion growth is more than 20%, and it will break the DIY monopoly and the excessive proportion of the historical situation in 2014, the original hdd will occupy about 60%, the assembly is only 40%.

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